Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)

Dear Guests,

We look forward to welcoming you to Daly’s House B&B and to Doolin again very soon.
In the current times, we can appreciate that travel has changed but we would like to assure you that we have implemented all the measures recommended by the Health and Safety Authority (HSE), as outlined below, and that our Welcome remains the same.

We will be practicing social distancing and therefore we will be unable to shake your hands when we first meet, but know that we will welcome you to our home with open arms and with all our heart.

Our detailed response to Covid-19 is available below, but please get in touch and let us know if there is any additional information you need, we are delighted to help in any way we can.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Daly’s House B&B in the very near future and to share our home and Doolin with you again.

Susan & Kate

Covid 19 Safety Charter Daly's House Doolin
Daly's House B&B Doolin - Accommodation Wild Atlantic Way
Daly's House B&B Doolin co. Clare - Accommodation Bed and Breakfast on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way - Doolin Fisherstreet

Covid-19 Measures

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures at Daly's House B&B

To ensure everyone’s safety we have taken the following measures :

  • Pre-arranged check-in time between 4-7pm.

  • 2 meter social distancing practiced where possible and information displayed on safe practices throughout our house.

  • hand sanitizer on entrance, at both dining room entrances and entrance at hallway to bedrooms.

  • Disinfectant spray for luggage on entrance.

  • Disinfected room keys.

  • Disinfected surfaces in communal areas twice daily and when necessary e.g handles and light switches.

  • PPE worn when removing dirty laundry from room and laundry removed from room in tied laundry bags. Pillowcases, pillowcase protectors, bed sheet, mattress protector, duvet cover, duvet protectors and all towels removed and laundered.

  • Rooms aired for 1 hour and all surfaces disinfected.

  • Cushions and throws removed from rooms and all extra pillows, blankets available on request.

  • Laundry washed at 60°c with a laundry bleach added to each wash

  • Textile headboard, textile seat cover, curtains and carpets will be steam cleaned at min 70°c for 5 minutes.

  • Clean laundry stored away from washing machine and drying machine, laundry room cleaned down with disinfectant regularly to avoid cross contimination.

  • Breakfast arranged at set time – between 8.15 and 9 and 9.15 and 10am.

  • Dining areas will be disinfected and wiped down between each serving and after.

  • There will be no communal buffet table but all options are available and will be delivered to your table. Menu disinfected between each use.

  • On check out keys to be left in designated box and credit card machine disinfected before and after each use.

  • We ask that all guests practice regular hand washing with the 20 second rule along with hand sanitizing, to practice proper respiratory hygiene and to maintain 2 metres distance from other guests to ensure everyone’s safety.

Procedure if guest displays Covid-19 Symptoms

The following measures will be taken in the case of a guest displaying coronavirus symptoms :

  • Guests displaying symptoms to immediately isolate in their bedroom.

  • A doctor will be contacted immediately.

  • Kate will follow checklist number 4 “dealing with a suspected case of covid 19” from the Health and Safety Aurthority (HSE) recommended guidelines.

  • Food and beverages will be brought on a tray and placed outside door in PPE clothing.

  • Other guests will be notified and asked to isolate until contact tracing is done and the relevant authorities have been contacted and have deemed it safe to leave the property.

  • Arriving guests will be notified and their reservation cancelled and alternative accommodation will be offered in Doolin.

  • Kate will keep guests informed of any updates immediately and will liaise with authorities as to what is deemed the next appropriate action.

  • Areas will be disinfected thoroughly throughout the day and PPE worn at all times and disposed of carefully.

  • Once the guest has recovered and it is deemed safe to travel they may check out and a full disinfecting of the property will be done in accordance with guidelines and business will resume once the health authorities deem it appropriate to do so.

Covid-19 Resources

For more information in relation to Covid-19 please visit the following websites :

Important Local Numbers :