Green Hospitality

Green Hospitality at Daly's House

Eco-friendly tourism & sustainability are two topics that Daly’s House is very dedicated to. We are lucky to be situated in one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland, Doolin, at the base of the Cliffs of Moher & Burren Geopark, and as a responsible business we believe it is our duty to protect this environment.

As part of our green journey we will be monitoring our carbon emissions monthly, with the following targets for 2021 :

  • Reduce our energy use by 5% per customer
  • Reduce our landfill waste by 7% per customer
  • Reduce our food waste by 15% per customer
  • Reduce our water use by 10% per customer

Our Sustainability Projects

Our Green Policies include:

  • Daly’s House is proudly working with Fifty Shades Greener to enhance our practices.
  • We do not use plastic straws or cups
  • We use chemical free cleaning products throughout the B&B.
  • We have cultivated wildflowers across the garden.
  • We can send e-invoices where possible to reduce the amount of paper that we use.

Core Green Principles

Our core green principals are:

  • Efficient use of energy
  • Waste Reduction
  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Staff & Guest Awareness

Changes we have implemented at Daly's House

Here are just some of the activities, big and small, from an extensive and growing list of what we have been up to.

  • Updated the bathroom ware so it falls under good practice standards and where required installed aerators to taps to reduce the water flow rate as well as hippo bags to reduce cistern capacity where needed.
  • We have a towel reuse program in each of our bedrooms
  • We have put energy efficient lights in all areas of the house.
  • We recycle our light bulbs with weee Ireland
  • Removal of disposal coffee and tea capsules and mini toiletries.
  • Replacement of single use toiletries to large refillable units
  • We use toiletries products from Voya, an Irish company providing 100% organic products.
  • Removal of plastic water bottles in room to glass.
  • We use linen napkins instead of disposable ones
  • Segregated bins that have dual compartments for recycling in all bedrooms
  • Working on reducing air-miles at Daly’s House :
    • Local supplier replacing internationally shipped produce at every opportunity.
    • Daly’s House strives to use local and seasonal produce where possible and to list the suppliers that are local on our menus
  • Temperature controls available on all radiators

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