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Voya Products at Daly’s House

We are very proud to provide Voya products to our guests here at Daly's House B&B. Voya is a 100% Irish organic company and stocking these amazing products is also part of our green initiative.
Voya Green Products at Daly's House B&B - Doolin, Clare Accommodation
Voya Products at Daly’s House

We are delighted to announce that from our reopening in June 2021 we will be providing a new range of toiletries to our guests. Our supplier, VOYA, makes 100% Irish organic products of the highest quality.

In our endeavour to offer the very best to our guests while doing our part for the planet with our green initiative, VOYA products were the ideal choice. This Irish company, based in co. Sligo, makes amazing products which are 100% organic. As we were working at removing single use items throughout Daly’s House B&B, toiletries were no different. VOYA proved to be the perfect supplier for our needs to combine excellence and environmental friendly solutions.


Voya Products at Daly's House B&B Doolin Clare
Voya Products now available at Daly’s House B&B


VOYA skincare product contains extracts of wild seaweed which is sustainably hand-harvested from the cleanest waters off the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Seaweed is a fully renewable natural resource in Ireland. From sea to skin, VOYA goes to great lengths to maintain the unique purity of their seaweed. They do not need to use any of our precious freshwater resources for irrigation; they do not require the use of fertiliser, pesticides, or even soil. Every step in their process is natural and sustainable.



We cannot wait for our guests to enjoy VOYA’s products at Daly’s House B&B.

For your next stay in Doolin, make sure to book directly with us for best rates.

Susan Daly

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